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EmbedVidio is a service that provides social media video widgets for websites, enabling the automatic embedding of live streams and saved videos from popular social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram.

  • One-Time Embed Code. No more wasting time updating embed codes every time you post a video or go live. One embed code for all your videos.
  • Automatic Start. Add your One-Time embed code and you are done. EmbedVidio will detect when you are live and automatically start your live stream.
  • Auto-Sync Video Posts. Sync all social media videos automatically and create a video widget that you can embed on any website.
  • Beautifull Video Widget Templates. Select the widget template that best fits your website design. EmbedVidio has modern and mobile responsive template incorporating all of todays most popular design patterns.
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Track payments, customers, and more with embedable stipe dashlets. Easy to integrate into your existing admin dashboards and perfect for insights at a glance.

  • Insights at a glance. Embed into your existing admin panel and track payments, customers, and more.
  • Auto-Sync Stripe Data Data from Stripe is synced automatically every hour.
  • Beautifully designed Templates Select the widget template that best fits your website design.
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VidLive is a service that provides a one-time embed code that can automatically embed Facebook and YouTube Live on your website. VidLive has since undergone a transformation, reemerging as EmbedVidio. This revamped version offers enhanced performance and lots of new features.

  • Automatic Start "Near Instant". No page refresh required, video starts automatically. 0 - 5 second delay.
  • Previous Video Carousel. Beautifully showcase and play your previous videos.
  • Video or Image Placeholder. Add your own custom placeholder image or video when not live.
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